Pay as you Go (PAYG) Membership

For Physio First, this means that you can pay a £22 monthly subscription and receive all our member benefits on a rolling month-by-month basis. Including up-to-date marketplace information on bulletins, our Covid-19 FAQs and posts on our member-only forum (LinkedIn).

We are committed to listening to your suggestions, many of you have told us it would be useful to have a monthly payment option as it will support you to budget most effectively. This is a particularly attractive membership payment option for those private physiotherapists who are suffering financial hardship as a result of the Covid-19 crisis but want to continue to keep up to date with the latest information and guidance advice from Physio First.

Please read our Terms & Conditions about our subscription.

Do I have to sign a contract?

There is no contract with the PAYG membership. You simply receive the benefits of membership on a month-by-month basis. Private Physios join Physio First and stay members, we are confident that you will enjoy the benefits from joining our community and remain a member.

What is the difference between PAYG and annual membership?

Those who choose to pay for one year’s membership will make the one-off payment and receive access to member benefits including unrestricted access to the member resources online for the remainder of the membership year.

Those who choose the pay as you go option will pay for membership benefits each month at a the PAYG rate, if payment is not received, membership is suspended.

There are no other differences in the membership you receive

I am a current member who wants to switch to PAYG option – how do I do that?

At the end of your current membership you will be provided with the option to move to a PAYG membership. If you are mid-year and want us to move to PAYG at the end of your year, call us on 01604 684960 and we will make a note on your file to ensure we provide you with the option ahead of your expiry date.

Prices for PAYG

As a membership organisation we are owned and governed by you.

We have been working hard behind the scenes to improve our offer to Private Physiotherapists. We are pleased to announce a new pay as you go membership that gives you month-by-month access to all the benefits of Physio First with no contract – no hidden clauses.

Pay as You Go Membership costs per month*:

  • £22 for a full member
  • £20 for an affiliate member
  • £11 for a part-time subscriber

*These rates are subject to change in line with our annual subscription rate.

Sign-up here and start benefiting from the Physio First community.

What if I am late paying?

PAYG is a month-by-month membership; you are given a grace period of 7 working days before membership benefits are suspended. To ensure continuity we recommend members establish a monthly direct debit. If you need further help or information, our membership team can be contacted on 01604 684960.

Is PAYG available for part-time workers?

PAYG is available to all those who meet the requirements of our part-time subscriber.

To apply for this rate your practice principal must confirm in writing that you meet the definition of a part-time subscriber, and you work 20hrs or less per week. You must also begin to collect patient outcome data on Data for Impact and be collecting PROM’s within 1 calendar month of joining Physio First (please note that during the COVID-19 crisis this relates to 1 calendar month from the start of you resuming your normal physio work in private practice) . Part-time subscription is not available to practice principals, or those who are not participating in Data for Impact.

Can I complete Quality Assured Practitioner / Quality Assured Clinic Programmes whilst accessing PAYG membership?

PAYG members receive the same benefits as those members who chose to pay annually. However, to progress or complete your QAP / QAC programme you will need to be a member throughout the duration of the process.