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Our Refer a Colleague scheme is one of our benefits available to existing and new members of Physio First.

Simply refer a colleague to join Physio First and you both receive a £20 discount on membership.

Please read our Terms & Conditions about our benefit.

If you are a Physio First member and your colleague is interested in becoming a full member of Physio First, please carry out the steps below:

*Your colleague receives £20 discount at the time of joining. Your discounts will apply to your next subscription fee at the time of renewal.

I have been referred, what do I do now?

If you have been referred by your colleague who is a Physio First member, carry out the following steps to earn £20 off your subscription fee:

  • Your colleague will send you a referral using your email address
  • You will receive an email containing a special code
  • Use the code when you join online
  • You receive £20 off your subscription fee
  • To find out more about joining just click here


Please read our Refer a colleague FAQs

How many times can I refer a colleague?

You can refer as many colleagues as you like as long as they are eligible to become a Physio First member, if you are not sure please do refer to our constitution.

You will also receive £20 discount for every colleague you refer, potentially meaning you could get a year of membership…free!

[Reviewed - June 2018]

What does my colleague (the referee) need to do?

  • Once you have inputted their name and email address they will receive an email that contains a special code
  • They can use the code when they join online
  • They will receive a £20 discount at the time of joining

You will automatically receive a £20 discount at the time of renewal. This discount will increase the more people you refer.

[Reviewed - June 2018]

When will I receive my discount?

Your discounts will apply to your next subscription fee at the time of renewal.

[Reviewed - June 2018]