We are all members of Physio First and we behave in line with our organisational culture, published in 2012.

“Doing business through relationships – through respect, no blame, good communication, structure and planning.”

Physio First is an organisation of more than 3000 physiotherapists in private practice – and we all work together for the good of self-employed private practitioners, those physiotherapists who work for them, and our patients.


We believe in showing total respect for others, whether volunteers or our Physio First office team. This means behaving with integrity and helping others feel valued.

No blame

We accept that anyone can make a mistake but that we have to demonstrate trust to empower – trust in a person’s honesty and in a person’s competence – and operating a no blame culture is empowering. Our aim is to respond to mistakes by offering help and support, and not to blame.


We value good communication and we always strive to give clarity and context, to proactively listen, look at others’ viewpoints and provide an environment of openness, trust and positivity.


We have three structural elements each of which have equal importance.

  1. Operational: Our Big 5 unique benefits, our educational courses, our publications, conference, advice and support.
  2. Strategic: To consider and plan our future, to monitor our progress regularly with reference to our business plan.
  3. Support services: Covering office procedures, meeting rules, appraisals, accounts, job profiles.


Through detailed planning of our business we reduce risk, frustration, conflict and misunderstandings. Planning, coupled with our culture of no blame, good communication, and structure, makes for better relationships.


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