Physio First is run on commercial principles and our vision is clear. Physio First is for championing evidence-based, cost-effective private physiotherapy with Physio First members in the changing healthcare marketplace.

This is our intent as agreed by our executive committee in 2013, and we have developed a five-year business plan of nine goals through which we are achieving this.

We know from feedback that our members want to "make a difference in the marketplace" and "exert some influence in that marketplace" and these are the key principles underlying our plans.

We also need to be organised, functional, have a clear purpose and harness our passion!

Our five year goals, signed off by our executive committee in October 2013, are summarised here:

Goal 1 

Commission and implement a positioning exercise to understand how Physio First is perceived by our internal and external stakeholders to provide a benchmark against which we can measure progress.

Positioning is a precise business exercise, to establish how we and others really see us. Having implemented this in 2013, it has enabled us to measure our ongoing progress.

Goal 2

Review business as usual (BAU) and:

  • Examine critically to ensure alignment 
  • Refine our project review and planning processes to ensure that both are fit for purpose

By examining everything we were doing, we cleared out all activities that used resources but were not aligned with our key objective – our statement of intent – so that all our activities aligned with it. This review was completed in June 2014.

Goal 3

Procure evidence to acquire health industry standing to enable us to win arguments against, and / or form a strategic alliance with, commercial organisations in order to influence the changing healthcare marketplace.

Using business and clinical evidence helps us measure our own and others’ performance giving us real data, evidence, influence and impact in the healthcare marketplace. This goal was achieved by the end of 2014.

Goal 4 

Improve the relationship between our membership and our executive by:

  • Increasing / improving communication
  • Examining our member journey
  • Managing member expectations

Physio First is conscious that some members feel a gap exists between them and our executive and we are taking steps to ensure members are engaged, involved and informed on all our business. This was implemented in 2015 and is an ongoing process.

Goal 5

Championing private practice to each internal stakeholder group so that they view Physio First as the “go to” organisation.

Our internal stakeholders are our members, Regional Officers, sub committees, contractors and office team and we need to ensure they all view us in the right way. Goals 1 – 4 have enabled us to do this. Goal 5 was achieved in December 2015.

Goal 6

Understand how to measure and manage our capacity to operate at 80% of available resource, i.e. of available time, energy and money, to enable us to achieve goals 7, 8 and 9.

We need to manage our capacity so our resources (time, energy, money), are not overwhelmed. It is accepted that 80% is the maximum capacity at which any functional organisation can run.

Goal 7

Champion private practice to each external stakeholder group, i.e. the public, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and professional networks, the Private Physiotherapy Educational Foundation, government departments, commercial purchasers, sporting bodies, physio consumable suppliers, and healthcare Institutions, so that they value private practice and view Physio First as the “go to” organisation.

Through our Data for Impact project and our MRM software we are confident we can provide evidence and show cost-effectiveness, giving us valuable information to present to the marketplace – making us an organisation to which external stakeholders will listen.

This is our priority between July 2016 and December 2017.

Goal 8

Increase available resource by exploring and creating mutually beneficial collaboration with individuals / organisations.

By offering potential partners something of commercial value, i.e. our evidence and showing cost effectiveness we aim to build new partnerships and alliances with commercial organisations.

This became our priority from May 2016.

Goal 9

Investigate, so that we are able to understand, explain and judge the:

  • Potential impact of co-operatives, i.e. physio owned / controlled business entities
  • Elements of real branding that incorporate measured quality and competence 

Here we want to ensure private, physio-owned networks come into existence and are able to compete in the marketplace with consistent, predictable, sustained and measurable quality.


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