HCPC audit - are you one of the chosen few?

The HCPC will randomly select physiotherapists to check CPD standards and this selection will, inevitably include some of our members.

If you have been selected, you will receive a letter form the HCPC advising you of this and we understand that you may find the prospect of this process quite daunting. There is, however, plenty of help at hand.
If you visit the website links below you will find information on HCPC standards and how to fill in your CPD profile as well as guidance notes for writing the profile.
Visit the CPD page on the HCPC website by clicking here
View the HCPC online DVD that is designed to assist registrants with an understanding of the requirements and to prepare for the CPD audits by giving helpful tips. To view the presentation click here.
Our Physio First professional portfolio may also be of assistance and can be found in our members area of our website here. The template is in a "rtf" format which can be opened by any word processor.

February 2013

How can I contact HCPC?

The Health and Care Professions Council
184 Kennington Park Road
London SE71 4BU 

Tel: 020 7582 0866 
Fax: 020 7820 9684 

On line: www.hpc-uk.org/apply 
August 2012

What are the HCPC rules for the use of titles?

The latest advice that we can give is as follows. Titles that can be used include MCSP, FCSP, BA, MSc, etc.

However, you should not use SRP, as this title disappeared when the CPSM became defunct.

Currently we are advising that stationery can say: 

A N Other BSc, MCSP

Chartered Physiotherapist

Registered with The Health and Care Professions Council 


A N Other BSc, MCSP

Physiotherapist Registered with The Health and Care Professions Council


A N Other, MCSP Registered with the HCPC

August 2012

What should I do if I receive a letter from HCPC suggesting that I may not be registered?

HCPC have begun the process of verifying that everyone using the title physiotherapist is registered with them. Letters are sent out in response to advertisements appearing in Yellow Pages, Thomson Local, BT directories and even on web page searches. The letters are computer generated and may be sent to practice managers, secretaries and receptionists as well as to physiotherapists themselves. If you receive such as letter and you know that no breach of title has occurred, write to HCPC setting out the facts, including registration numbers where appropriate. It is unlikely that any further action will result.

February 2013

What should I do if I suspect a breach of the protection of title rules?

The path to identifying those against whom a valid complaint can be made is now very clear.

You therefore need to look up the person about whom there is concern on the HCPC website. To do this you need to:

-  Go to the HCPC website on www.hpc-uk.org

-  Select physiotherapist from the drop-down menu under Profession shown on the top right section of the home page.

-  Select see the online register on that page.

-  Search on the surname of the person about whom you are enquiring.

This will usually produce a list of physiotherapists with that surname with the following entries

Reg No. 



Regd From [date]

Regd Until [date]

The search is quick and easy, but it does not show a full address, only a town.

In the context of their role in all of this, informing the HCPC are rather like telling the police, i.e. they do not actually need anyone to make a complaint but if they find evidence that someone has been calling themselves a physiotherapist when they are not on the HCPC register, then they have a duty to act as that person is committing an offence.

For this reason that they will act upon an anonymous tip-off, as well as upon a formal letter of complaint

August 2012

Where can I view the latest HCPC newsletter?

Click here to visit the HCPC website

August 2012