What are the guidelines for articles submitted to In Touch?

Clinical articles are normally specifically requested by our editorial committee and when an author has agreed to write for us author guidelines will be forwarded to them at that point. 

We do, however, welcome submissions for In Touch, particularly business or general interest articles and a copy of our guidelines follows:

In Touch - the Journal of Physiotherapists in Private Practice


Aim and scope

In Touch is our quarterly journal for Physio First, the organisation of Chartered physiotherapists in private practice. We have a circulation of approx. 3,500. Our aim is to inform our members of clinical and business developments that particularly affect private practice.  

Physio First, for the next 5-years, is for championing evidence based cost effective private physiotherapy with Physio First members in the changing healthcare marketplace


Instructions for authors


  • Articles should be between 2500 – 3000 words.
  • Book, product reviews should be between 150-300 words
  • Course reviews, case reports and professional issue up to 2000 words

Content over the maximum word-count may be reduced through editing at our Editor’s total discretion.

 Articles should include:

  • A biography of the author of no more than 100 words
  • Learning outcomes that the author hopes will be achieved by our readers in no more than 4 bullet pointed sentences
  • A short summary / abstract of no more than 100 words
  • Full details of how the author title should appear, i.e. name, letters, title, etc. although, please avoid duplication of qualifications, i.e. the prefix of Dr and qualifications PhD, one or other will be sufficient.
  • A recent head and shoulders photo of the author
  • Preferred contact details of the author such as website, email address, telephone number, etc.
  • Tables, illustrations and photographs (these are strongly encouraged). Please ensure the figures link to the text, i.e. “see figure 1”
  • Confirmation of permission from the subject of any identifiable photographs.
  • Confirmation of permission from the original owner / publisher of any copyrighted material reproduced from any other source.  


  • There is no requirement to adjust font, type or columns as these will be set by our Physio First graphic designer
  • References are encouraged and should appear in the body of the article as follows:

 Single author: (Smith 1989); two authors: (Smith & Weston 2011); more than 2 authors:

(Lewis et al 2003)

  • The accompanying reference list should then be supplied in alphabetical and then, where appropriate, chronologically and be set out as follows:

 Lewis S, Whittaker M. Writing an article for Physio First. Current Medical Journalism 2003:1(3)103-106

  • The titles of all referenced publication should appear in full. Authors are responsible for the accuracy of their references.


Where the article, or any part thereof, has appeared previously in another publication, this must be declared with full details.

All articles submitted will be accepted at the complete discretion of our Editor and will be subject to editing by our editorial team. All changes will be returned to the author, at which point they will be asked to re-read and approve the text for typographical errors and for correct content. At the 1stgalley stage, a further copy of the article will be submitted for approval and at that stage, responsibility for this final copy rests with the author.

If an error is noted in the text of an article after publication the error should be reported to our Editor, together with information about its possible cause and the best way to correct it. Any action taken as a result of such notification is at the absolute discretion of our Editor. 

The author provides Physio First with an irrevocable licence to republish the article, to include presentation on our Physio First website, without the need to seek further permission.

Paul Johnson, Editor   editor@physiofirst.org.uk

What are the themes for future editions of In Touch?

Each edition of In Touch is themed and clinical articles are sourced to give, where possible a wide variety of aspects on the chosen subject. 

The themes are discussed and chosen by our Editorial Committee up to 30 months in advance of the publication date and the themes for the next four editions (12 months) are published to our advertisers in order to enable them to plan their marketing strategies to our members.

A copy of the forward planning document can be found here: 


For further information, please contact Helena Boughton on 01604 684960 or email helena.boughton@physiofirst.org.uk