How do I find out about the Private Physiotherapy Educational Foundation (PPEF)

Visit their website at for information of the Foundation and the grants available.

[February 2009]

What is the organisational culture of Physio First?

When we speak of "culture" we are speaking about the "X" factor that makes good companies "great" and so taking a leaf from these "great" companies. Physio First set out in 2008 to, among some other very specific aims, to write down our own culture.

The operative words are "write down" as these had to mean that the Executive had to approve it and agree to abide by it. We now have a culture that we can consciously manage, which is so important.

To explain, "culture" in these terms means defining "acceptable behaviour", so what follows is our "note to self" explaining what a culture is, then our culture itself.

As an illustration of the benefits, we have already found it to be challenging to live by.

Examples include:

  • Trying to communicate with "context and clarity" all the time. It is just desperately tiring, but doing anything else leads to misunderstandings which are the biggest source of conflict within any organisation. Emails are among the biggest challenges - so essential, nice and quick but so easily misinterpreted, which leads to wasted time and effort, frustration and the lowering in morale and thus energy. All the ingredients of an unhealthy business or organisation.
  • "Behaving" as though we do not blame anyone is again a challenge that on occasion requires a leather strap for the teeth. "Behaving" in this way is what we have agreed is acceptable behaviour and as "behaviour" includes speaking or writing, it means that "blame" has no part in how we do business with each other or anyone else. This, however, is so important as businesses or organisations with a "blame culture"-often not consciously managed (i.e. has just developed over time) are again usually quite ill.

full infomation about our organisational culture can be found here Culture


How do I respond to being summoned for jury service?

If any of us receive a summons to attend court as a juror the first thing we are likely to think is "How do we get out of it?"

As many of our members are self-employed, sole practitioners, we might think that allowances would be made as we are clearly in a different position to someone who is employed in a different occupation.

The reality however is that the rules around being released from jury service have been tightened considerably over the last decade or do, meaning that it can be much harder to get released.

The rules about what to do to try and achieve a release are set out in the two websites referred to below.

It is also important to note that whilst provision can be made for your expenses and a loss of earnings allowance, they are limited and so serving on  jury can cost you money.

The best thing to do is read the information in the links, contact the court from which the summons has come and then submit your application to be removed from jury service based upon that.

Please note that we did check with the Jury Central Summoning Bureau (July 2011) and they advised that:

  • You can let them know on the form you receive with the summons, that by attending Jury Service it would make you financially out of pocket.

  • Once you have read thoroughly all paperwork you receive with the summons and if you still have further questions then you are fee to call the Jury Central Summoning Bureau on 0845 803 8003.


July 2011

What is the Physio First policy on requests for assistance with research?

This policy was formulated in response to the many requests that the organisation receives for the provision of assistance with research or for the facilitation of contact with our members in relation to a research project.

(Note: This policy does not apply to requests for funding of a research project as these are referred to the Private Practitioners Educational Foundation (PPEF) and reviewed against separate criteria).

This policy takes account of the fact that:

  • Such requests require organisational resources which are usually in high demand (e.g. the time of Executive Committee Members)
  • We have a commitment to our members not to participate in activities that unnecessarily burden them as there are high demands upon their time in the context of their practice
  • We have our own research strategy that requires participation by members in research projects which also makes demands on their time
  • We must acknowledge that such requests compete with some or all of the above (in addition to the required clinical, professional and business training) that takes an independent practitioner away from earning an income.

The Physio First policy on requests for assistance with research is to only consider such requests if they meet the following criteria:

  • They are to be carried out by post graduate practitioners
  • It is of relevance to independent practice
  • It is in line with the strategic priorities of our organisation at the time

[February 2009]

What help is available to Physio First members doing research?

Members carrying out formal research projects can advertise for help on the members’ section of our website under the classified advertisement section. 

If you would like to help our member researchers to complete valuable data you will be able to complete questionnaires by clicking a link to the relevant sites. 

Commercial concerns or research funded by commercial concerns will not be permitted. This is a service that Physio First will only offer to our own members trying to carry out research which will benefit all or large portions of our membership. 

There will be no charge for these advertisements and applications for web space should be addressed to with “research” as the subject.